Fruits & Vegetables

Drought Management for Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit Tree Irrigation
Tree Fruit Water Needs in Drought, Washington State Extension

Garden Irrigation
Strategies for Saving Drought-Plagued Lawns and Gardens, John Jett, WVU Horticulture Specialist
Water Saving Tips for Lawns and Gardens, UNL Water Website
Watering Vegetables and Flowers, Kansas State University Extension Publication MF 2804
Watering Vegetable Gardens in Drought , Colorado State Extension

Mulch 101

Image of a well-mulched treeBy  John C. Fech, UNL Extension Horticulture Educator, and ISA Certified Arborist

For many gardeners, applying mulch is standard procedure... like brushing your teeth.  But before you jump the gun and mulch away,. it’s important to survey your landscape needs. Instead of merely tossing bark nuggets to and fro, ask yourself the question, “Why do I want to mulch this flower garden, this strawberry patch, this veggie garden?”  Think about moisture retention, weed suppression, cooling or warming the soil, and of course, its appearance.


Ag Almanac Audio Recordings

Drought and Winter Pruning, Jan. 31, 2013
Mid-January through March is an ideal time to prune most shade trees during a typical year but use caution this year. Kelly Feehan, UNL Extension Educator

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Intensive Gardening Techniques, May 10,2012
Intensive gardening is when gardeners use a variety of techniques to get the most production out of a small plot. Sarah Browning, UNL Extension Educator.

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