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Heat and Drought are Hard on Trees
Amy Seiler, Nebraska Forest Service

Woody trees and shrubs need thorough watering if they begin to show signs of leaf wilt, discoloration or drying, especially at leaf edges, said Amy Seiler of the Nebraska Forest Service.

"Extremes in temperature and precipitation often put stress on trees," Seiler said. Challenges of this sort also increase their susceptibility to insects and disease later. Trees are able to obtain moisture longer than most other plants due to deeper roots, so symptoms tend to be more delayed or may not appear until months or years later.

Newly planted trees are particularly at risk during prolonged dry periods, but even trees that have survived harsh conditions in the past can decline or even die from extended drought and heat.


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Trees Recovering From Hail
Management techniques for helping trees recover from damaging hail. Eric Berg, Nebraska Forest Service, Community Forestry program leader

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