Family Relationships Publications

Creating A Strong Family: Effective Management of Stress and Crisis, G1886
Approaches your family can use during difficult times to deal with stress.

Creating a Strong Family: Positive Communication-Listening and Speaking from the Heart, G1838
Open, honest and straight-forward communication helps families cope with stressful situations. This publications provides tips to help families begin to talk.

Creating A Strong Family: Positive Communication-Smoothing Out The Bumps, G1888
Positive communication in strong families is about sharing feelings, giving compliments, not blaming each other, being able to compromise, and agreeing to disagree. This publication contains ground rules for family communication.

Getting Connected, Staying Connected: Through Thick and Thin: Loving Each Other When Hard Times Come, G2141
Hard times are stressful but couples who focus on strengths are better able to deal with the stresses and crises that inevitably occur in any relationship. This publication discusses maintaining strong couple and family relationships.

Getting Connected, Staying Connected: The Truth About Anger, G2130
Differences lead to conflicting ways of looking at the world and life together as partners. These conflicts often generate anger. This publication proposes solutions to this problem that all couples face, especially when facing stressful situations.

Helping Children Resolve Conflict: Aggressive Behavior of Children, G2016
Children can display aggressive behavior as they interact with others. Learn about the different behaviors and how to deal with each.

Helping Children Resolve Conflict: Conflict Mediation Model, G2014
Use this eight-step conflict resolution/mediation model to guide children through conflict resolution.

How Strong Families Manage Stress and Crisis, HEF591
Learn six strengths common to families that manage stress and crisis well.

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