Financial Management Publications

Budgets and Record Keeping

Budgeting Systems When There Are Two Earners in the Household, G1764
There are various ways to manage the income of two earners in the same household. In this publication you'll learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods.

Credit and Debt

Credit Advantages, Disadvantages and Common Types, G1802
Explore common uses of consumer credit, debt consolidation, and leasing considerations.

Credit Cards: Applications and Choosing the Best Card, G1801
Deciding which credit card is best for you may be as simple as carefully reading the application and deciding how you'll use it. Get the details in this publication.

Credit Cards: Types and Rights, G1800
This publication describes different types of credit and explains what you should be aware of when choosing and using credit cards.

Credit Files and Who Uses This Information, G1799
Do you know what information is in a credit file, who puts it there, and who uses the information? This publication answers these important questions.

Credit Scams, Contracts and the Law, G1798
This publication outlines how to avoid falling target to a credit scam.

Credit: How Do You Score?, HEF 563
Credit file information and credit scores impact many areas of your life, including eligibility for loans, housing, and utility services. In this community lesson you'll how to correct inaccurate information and how to improve a credit score. Leader's guide also available.

Cutting Family Debt Payments, G1934
This publication explains how to work with creditors on debt repayment.

Negotiating With Creditors, G1777
Many people get behind on paying bills at least once during their lifetime. If you find yourself in this situation, there are steps you can take - and steps you should avoid - to deal with the situation. This publication discusses the options.

Protect Your Credit and Identity, G1767
Protecting your credit card information and your identity are two must-do activities that will limit the fraudulent use of your money and your life.

Setting Reasonable Debt Limits, G1790
This publication explains the consequences of carrying too much debt and covers how to establish a personal credit limit.

Solving Financial Problems, G1827 This publication explains the processes that will help you work through financial issues that may prevent you from paying bills.

When to Use Credit and How Much You Can Afford, G1795 Guidelines for using credit, estimating how much credit you can afford, and potential large credit uses are included in this publication.

Your Credit Report, G1894
Credit reports - know what is in yours, how it is used, and how to raise your credit score.


Cutting Family Insurance Expenses, G1935
This publication explains how to lower expenses for family insurance needs.

Insurance - What Kind Do You Need?, G1628
Learn about types of risks and how to determine when you need insurance.

Money Management

Farm and Ranch Family Living Expenses-Taking Control, G2072
Learn how farm and ranch families can control their living expenses by using a budget or a cash flow plan.

How to Balance a Checkbook, G1927
This worksheet makes balancing your checkbook easier. The publication includes hints on how to account for debit card transactions.

Planning and Tracking Income and Expenses Through Time: Cash Flow Planning, G1789
This publication explains the process of cash flow planning for household living expenses.

Record Keeping for Money Management, G1926
Learn five ways to keep family financial records, including how to handle and record small expenses and decide who does what record keeping.

Solving Financial Problems, G1827
These processes can help you work through financial issues that prevent paying bills.

Starting on the Road to Financial Security: Setting Financial Goals, G1765
Financial security begins with setting financial goals. The process for determining those goals is described in this publication.

Teaching Your Children About Money, G1787
Use these suggestions to teach your child to earn money and spend it wisely.

Money Saving Strategies

Cutting Family Clothing and Personal Care Expenses, G1936
This publication explains how to lower clothing and personal care expenses.

Cutting Family Food Expenses: 16 Tips That Can Total Big Bucks, G1933
This guide, one in a series on consumer financial management, helps show how to cut food expenses at the grocery store.

Cutting Family Housing and Utility Expenses, G1932
Learn ways you can cut housing and utility expenses.

Cutting Family Transportation, Recreation, Health Care, and Other Expenses, G1937
Get tips on how to cut costs related to transportation, recreation, health care, and other expenses.

Living Resourcefully: Finding Ways to Help Your Dollars Go Further, HEF589
Community study lesson on how to stretch your financial resources, including how to eliminate spending leaks, cut food, family and transportation expenses, and use community resources more fully.

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