Drought Managment Planning for beef production

Drought is a common occurance in Nebraska. Drought can be a management challenge for beef producers. The Drought Management Planning webpage is designed to help you design a drought managment plant and to provide you with ideas to consider before and during a drought. 

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Crop and agricultural irrigation resources during a drought

Drought severely impacts crop production and irrigation demand in across the state. The Crop Management in Drought webpage includes archived CropWatch articles for managing crop production during drought conditions, including articles related to corn, soybeans, dry beans, forages, silage and wheat production.

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Recycle graywater to conserve water

Conserving water becomes all the more important when supplies are low due to drought. Graywater, which is water saved from baths, showers, lavatories and laundering, can be used for irrigating lawns and gardens if treatment regulations to eliminate contaminants are followed. Watch this video produced from Nebraska Extension to learn more about graywater irrigation systems.

Facing family finances during drought

Families can help reduce the natural stress that comes with reduced income by encouraging open discussion about family finance issues. Bring your family together to discuss your values and attitudes toward money. Do your expenditures reflect your priorities? Which priorities need to be met in the short-term and which can be delayed slightly?

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