Maintaining Your Physical and Mental Health During Drought

The Human Element: Weathering Tough Times Together in Drought

Families in the midst of drought need to take care of their physical and mental health as well as their farm business. Learn how you can help your family weather these stresses and in the process, become stronger and better able to manage future challenges. The authors offer seven steps to protect and care for anyone undergoing a stressful period. More

Tips for Identifying and Coping with Stress

While everyone deals with stress, farm families facing drought deal with an additional layer. Learn the natural and common signs of stress, tips for managing it, and key signals that you should seek additional help.  This resource also lists a number of resources and information sources for families impacted by drought. More

Be Smart and Stay Hydrated to Beat the Heat

This Acreage Insight article offers tips on how to keep your body, which is 60%-75% water, well watered despite the temperature. More

Signs of Heat Disorders and What to Do When They Occur

If you have to work outside during periods of critical heat, drink fluids and take safety precautions. Learn the signs of heat disorders (sunburn, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke or sun stroke) and how to treat them. More