Irrigation Management When Water is Short

When water is limited or irrigation wells can't keep up, irrigation management faces additional challenges. To learn water-management strategies and how to use a UNL water management tool to get the most yield possible when water is limited, view the Deficit Irrigation Workshop presentations .

Drinking Water Shortage - How to Respond

Photo of a faucet dripping waterSharon Skipton, UNL Extension Educator, recommends these steps if your private drinking water supply is not meeting needs.

To prepare for possible water shortages,store an emergency water supply following he directions in the NebGuide Drinking Water: Storing An Emergency Supply .

If domestic wells can provide enough water to meet minimum daily demand but fail to meet peak demand, follow the ideas for conserving water and spreading out water use found in Indoor Water Use Efficiency Can Reduce Strain On Water Systems .

In addition, ideas to modify the well and water distribution system to help with daily and peak demand needs are shared in the article Managing a Private Drinking Water Well During Drought .

Some individuals may resort to hauling water daily from a nearby source. Doing this safely is addressed in the article Supplementing Your Private Drinking Water Supply .

Visit for more on drinking water topics.

Wise Water Use in Homes

Audio Story

Many communities and rural water areas have been put on water restrictions due to the drought. Conserving water in the home can help.

Sharon Skipton, UNL Extension Water Quality Educator
TRT: 4:30

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Graywater to Supplement Irrigation

Using graywater for irrigation is a legal, effective way to handle wastewater from showers, lavatories, and laundering. However, to do so safely and legally in Nebraska, the water must be treated and disinfected. Learn more in this video.

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Drought Resources

The National Drought Mitigation Center , housed at UNL, helps people and institutions understand and prepare for drought. Nebraska Drought Central
USDA-FSA Disaster Assistance Program
eXtension Drought Resources
USDA Disaster and Drought Assistance

Timely and In-depth Extension Coverage

Drought and drought-related topics also can be found on: